Waffen SS Recruiting Pamphlet
Waffen SS Recruiting PamphletWaffen SS Recruiting PamphletWaffen SS Recruiting PamphletWaffen SS Recruiting PamphletWaffen SS Recruiting PamphletWaffen SS Recruiting PamphletWaffen SS Recruiting PamphletWaffen SS Recruiting PamphletWaffen SS Recruiting Pamphlet

Rare Waffen SS Recruiting Pamphlet


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A Very Rare Original late war recruiting pamphlet titled “Gerade Du / Especially You” aimimg at the Hitler Youth boys to join the Waffen SS and fight side by side with Tiger tank ace Michael Wittmann against the Russian “SUBHUMAN HORDES”.


This extremely hard to find 6 x 8-1/4 inches pamphlet consists of four pages and intended to lure Hitler Youth boys into the Waffen-SS to become part of the elite which is fighting against the Russians and for the survival of the German nation. The very interesting text translates as follows:

Come to us into the Waffen-SS!

Especially you, comrade, you belong to us.

That’s how men must be, just like SS-Untersturmführer Wittmann who received the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves from the hands of the Führer. Of course he belongs to the Panzers, the “Tigers”. With them he smashed right in between the Russian tanks and found his prey. He destroyed more than one hundred enemy tanks. Those who want to become SS leader have to be just like him, the best of the best.

Thousands of Hitler Youth members are fighting in all Divisions of the Waffen-SS, especially in the Leibstandarte of the Führer. To show respect of their achievements a new Division was established, the SS Panzer-Grenadier-Division Hitler-Jugend. We all know that the best Hitler Youth comrades are also in this division.

We are proud that we can fight at the places where the battles are the most intense.

Do not believe the lies of the enemy’s propaganda. They hate us be-cause they are afraid of us. One laughs about a weak enemy – about us the enemy cannot even smile.

All this you need to know my dear comrade when you now make up your mind and volunteer to come to us. Your heart may decide. Especially you belong to us. ESPECIALLY YOU! You want to know why I repeat my-self? It is an honor, I believe in you. You have the capability to become a soldier in the Waffen-SS and a political warrior for the Führer. Once you sign up we will take good care of you and your future.

You can earn a degree, etc. but now is the great hour to fight for the hail and freedom of your homeland. Fill in the rows of the Waffen-SS, your comrades are waiting for you. Fill out the application today and send it to the Ergänzungsstelle der Waffen-SS. Especially you are chosen to wear the death head and runes of the Waffen-SS, to fight and win.


It also includes the front and back of the usually missing Meldezettel, the application the Hitler Youth boy could fill out if this pam-phlet convinced him that joining the Waffen-SS is the right thing to do!