Third Reich Waffen SS

Third Reich Waffen SS will contain uniforms, headgear, badges and insignia, documents, edged weapons and anything else related to the Waffen SS.

The field units of the SS were known as the Waffen-SS. In the attack on Poland in September 1939, their impact had been at great cost to themselves. They made up for this with their input into the attack on France in the spring of 1940. Here the Waffen-SS was very successful. Hitler awarded six SS commanders the Knight’s Cross. Hitler attributed this success to a “fierce will – the sense of superiority personified.”

In mid-1941, on the eve of Operation Barbarossa, the Waffen-SS numbered just 160,000. It had six divisions (Leibstandarte, Das Reich, Totenkopf, Polizei, Wiking and Nordland). It was earmarked to play a major part in the attack on Russia and Himmler had made it plain what was expected on them.

In the western campaign, six SS divisions fought at Normandy. The stand by the Hitler Jugend at Falaise allowed 20 army divisions to retreat to the West Wall. By now, however, Hitler had lost all faith in the Wehrmacht. He appointed Sepp Dietrich to lead the counter-attack in the Ardennes – the Battle of the Bulge. Here Waffen-SS units fought so well that they pushed back the Allies. Their advance was stopped by lack of fuel for their tanks.