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Posted: February 27, 2013

How It All Began - Feb 27th / 2013

Well I must admit that I am thrilled to be taking over the helm of Third Reich.ca. I have always wanted to combine my love of WW2 military history and collecting and make it an avenue in which I can share with others.

Third Reich.ca is much more than just a site for selling original WW2 militaria. It is a site where other aspects of militaria collecting will also be explored. This will include art prints, models and one thing that I am especially excited about the Personalities section. In this section I will tell the story of individual fighting men and share it with others in the form of photos, documents, artifacts and the like.

When I was 13 years old (back in 1975) my father came home from a local swap and shop with my first two items of German WW2 militaria. The items were an Iron Cross 2nd class and a Tank Assault badge in silver.

Even though we were both English by birth, we had always appreciated the soldiers, sailors and airmen of the German Wehrmacht in WW2. My dad as a young boy, had actually witnessed the dog fights over London during the Battle of Britain.

I have never been interested in the Nazi politics and Adolf Hitler and his cronies but I have always been very interested in the military exploits of Germany during WW2.

My dad was really into the Robert Taylor artwork and hung around with quite a few different British airmen such as Mike Cooper-Slipper (Battle of Britain DFC) and Woody Woodward (DFC & Bar with 26 kills). These guys were part of his life and my life. We also met quite a few German soldiers and built up friendships with many.

I was very interested in tank models and bought many Tamiya 1/35th scale models. Some are featured in my models section. However, I think that my favourite area is the Tank Museum in which at this time I am displaying Army Panzer and Assault Gun Uniforms. I really want to also branch out into Waffen SS, Hermann Goring Division amd Police Panzer and Assault Gun as well.

So you can see that this is going to be a great ongoing project. I am constantly on the look out for collections and personalities to add to this site. If you can help out please let me know.

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