Yellow Piped Panzer Recon Wrap

Yellow Piped Panzer Recon Custom Tailored Tunic

Yellow Piped Panzer Recon Custom Tailored Tunic for an NCO. Fantastic tunic that has been published in Robert Edwards awesome Panzer Recon series (Scouts Out & Tip of the Spear)

This 2nd-pattern Panzer wrap with golden-yellow collar piping insignia was modified to have a zippered front and a zippered pocket accessible from the front. To do the zippered front, the lapels were removed and the fabric extensively reworked. In addition, the jacket was shortened. It is believed this jacket belonged to a senior non-commissioned officer assigned to Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 23. This was apparently a “fad” among officers and non-commissioned officers within the 23. Panzer-Division towards the end of the war and was heretofore believed to have only occurred among the personnel of Panzer-Regiment 23. This particular jacket shows that the custom apparently also spread to other elements of the division.