Major Hans Philipp

Major Hans Philipp


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Original WW2 Luftwaffe postcard of the “Great Ace Major Hans Philipp” who was in “JG 54″. Approx. size is 5 and 1/2 inches high by 3 and 1/2 inches across. The photo is by Hoffmann, Munich. Condition is very good.

Lieutenant Colonel Hans Philipp (17 March 1917–8 October 1943) was a German World War II fighter ace who served in the Luftwaffe from 1936 until he was killed in action 8 October 1943 by a P-47 Thunderbolt-pilot. It is believed that he was shot down by Robert S. Johnson. Philipp managed to bail out but his parachute never opened.

On 8 October 1943, the US Eighth Air Force attacked with 156 bombers on targets in Bremen and Vegesack. The bombers were escorted by 250+ Thunderbolts from six different fighter groups. Phillipp’s flight were intercepted by P-47’s of the 56th Fighter Group. The Stab Flight of the Geschwader heard Philipp announce a victory over a Thunderbolt. The last transmission from him was, “Reinhardt, attack!” Feldwebel Reinhardt was Philipp’s wingman on this day. He last saw the Kommodore’s aircraft disappear in a cloud. Reinhardt was wounded after colliding with an enemy aircraft, but made a successful forced landing. Later that evening, the Geschwader learned that their Kommodore had been shot down and killed.

Hans Philipp had claimed 206 enemy aircraft shot down, 178 on the Eastern front, 29 against the Western Allies. He flew over 500 sorties.