WW2 Luftwaffe SSK 90 Flying Helmet

Luftwaffe WW2 SSK 90 Protective Helmet – Siemens


Original WW2 “SSK 90” Protective helmet for a “Luftwaffe Pilot or Crew Member”. The helmet has both chins straps that work perfectly well. The liner has its maker label with “Siemens – Baumuster SSK 90 – Hersteller Luftfarhtgeratewerk Hakenfelde Gmbh – Striwa – Kopfgrosse”.

The helmet’s core of interlocking hinged steel plates, intended to protect against shrapnel and small-calibre machine gun fire, was covered by padding and dark brown leather. A large section of padding at the front both provided extra padding in the event of a collision, and served as a “grab-roll” to quickly put on or remove the helmet. On either side was a cut-out for earphones, and a chinstrap used the same components – including buckles, leather, and snaps – found on German paratrooper helmets. The helmet weighed about 1,900 grams.