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Paratrooper KnifeParatrooper KnifeParatrooper KnifeParatrooper Knife

Paratrooper Gravity Knife


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Luftwaffe Gravity Knife / Fallschirmj√§ger-Messer That is made by “Paul Weysersberg, Solingen”. The blade works well and losck into place properly. The thumb latch is well coneected and is the original one. The spike is Luftwaffe acceptance stamped. Overall condition is very good.

A gravity knife is a knife with a blade contained in its handle, and which opens its blade by the force of inertia or gravity. The main purpose of this opening method is that it allows opening and closing to be done one handed, in situations where the other hand is occupied. A major historical use has been in issue to parachutists to cut off their parachutes when tangled in a tree or similar.

The gravity knife uses a button, trigger, or fulcrum lever to release the blade from both the open and the closed positions, and may use a side-folding or telescoping (out-the-front, or OTF) blade.

While most military gravity knives utilize a locking blade design, other types may not mechanically lock open but rely instead upon friction to wedge the rear section of the blade against the interior of the handle. Factory-made gravity knives have various types of buttons, triggers, and fulcrum levers, which usually are used to release the blade from both the open and the closed positions.