Kriegsmarine Narvik Campaign Shield


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Nice example of the hard to find Kriegsmarine backed “Narvik Shield” in gold. The backing is Navy blue for the German navy. This one is in good condition with some zinc pest. However, it is easily contained.

Narvik Shield is a German military award instituted on August 19, 1940, and authorized for all German forces that took part in the battles of Narvik between April 9 and June 9 of the same year. The shield was worn on the left arm of the uniform as described above. The gold tinted shield was issued to members of the Kriegsmarine. The Kriegsmarine shield was issued on blue cloth backing.

The shield was worn on the upper left sleeve of the service, walking-out dress and guard uniforms of the respective arm of service of the individual. A total of 3,661 shields were presented to the navy.