General Assault Badge Stug Crews

General Assault Badge Stug Crews


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Waffen SS / Army General Assault Badge (allgemeine sturmabzeichen). Pin and catch work perfectly. Very nice finish. These were often awarded to Stug crews.

The establishment of the General Assault Badge / Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen was confirmed in June 1940 “for awarding those military credits, which did not come in question for the Infantry assault badge (Infantriesturmabzeichen)” like pioneers, tank hunters or members of assault artillery “Sturmartillerie” units.

The badge was awarded to soldiers, which attended from 1 December 1940 “three military assaults on the front line with weapons in their hands and penetrated in three different fighting days”. The awarding should be made by the commander of the division or him equal superiors. The recipient of the badge received with the badge also an award document. It was awarded around 460.000 times.