About Us

I really am pleased to launch this site and in my opinion offer somethings that are totally exclusive to the Third Reich.ca site. Not only will you find a large selection of original WW2 German militaria for sale, you will also be able to enjoy other aspects of this hobby that have branched out from this love of collecting. That would include a models category, a Panzer Museum, a prints category and for me the ultimate category a Personalities category which will tell the stories of WW2 German servicemen in text, pictures and artefacts.

It is such an important honour and necessitiy to preserve the history of actual WW2 soldiers who served and fought in WW2. We are losing hundreds of veterans on a daily basis and once they are gone so is a huge and important piece of history that helped to shape the world that we live in today. We also need to accurately retell the stories of WW2 and without a written record things tend to become made up and skewed.

The last US Civil War veteran died in 1958. The last Boer War veteran died in 1993 and the last WW1 veteran died in 2012. The minimum age of a WW2 veteran is approx. 85 years old. How much time do we have to acurately retell history by asking the ones that were there?