This site is for those of us whose interest in the third reich is purely historical


I am always buying single Third Reich items or whole collections. I also give my customers the opportunity to consign items as well.

Welcome to the “Third”. Offered here are “Original” WW2 German military collectibles¬† from the Third Reich era. This would include items from the “Waffen SS / Luftwaffe / Kriegsmarine / Heer and Panzer Divisions”. Like yourself, I too am an avid collector and thus share your enthusiasm with regards to this subject.

My childhood hobby has continued to evolve and expand in various directions over the last 40 years. This ranges from buying and selling Third Reich and Waffen SS military artifacts to authentication of items and collections, appraising private collections and museum collections, providing movie props, museum research and giving lectures at schools, conferences and to military collector groups. I also appraise items and collections for Insurance claims.

Some of my main areas on interest include the “Panzer” arm of service (Gross Deutschland / Feldherrnhalle in the Heer) (SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler / SS Das Reich / SS Totenkopf / SS Wiking / SS Frundsberg / SS Hohenstaufen and SS Hitlerjugend in the Waffen SS) (Herman Goring Division for the Luftwaffe).

On this site, you will discover an eclectic collection of Third Reich and Waffen SS items. I will also be featuring artwork, models and interviews with WW2 veterans as well as featuring a “Panzer Museum”. This site is intended to be fun and informative so please feel free to browse. And by the way… thanks for stopping by the “Third” hope you enjoy your visit.


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