Panzer Recon Copper Brown
Panzer Recon Copper BrownPanzer Recon Copper BrownPanzer Recon Copper BrownPanzer Recon Copper BrownPanzer Recon Copper BrownPanzer Recon Copper BrownPanzer Recon Copper Brown

Panzer Recon Copper Brown


Panzer Recon Officer Candidate with the very rare Copper Brown piped collar tabs and shoulder boards. Complete with Panzer Officers M43 cap. He has been awarded the German Cross in Gold, the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class, the Bronze Tank Asault badge and the Silver Close Combat Clasp for 30 days of close quarter fighting and the Black Wound badge. He was also an “Afrika Veteran” as denoted by his black Afrikakorps cufftitle.

The Close Combat Clasp / Nahkampfspange was instituted on 25th November 1942 for achievement in hand to hand fighting in close quarters. The Close Combat Clasp was worn above the upper left uniform pocket. Only 9,500 soldiers were awarded the Silver Class for 30 or more days of close combat.

The Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze (Panzerkampfabzeichen in Bronze) was instituted on 1 June 1940. It was awarded to members of infantry regiments, members of motorized and tank recon units, which have proven themselves in battle at least three times in three different days.

Members of tank recon units mostly had an ungrateful and very dangerous task. They had to recognize potential resistance for progress in front of the tank units. They had to discover obstacles like hidden infantry units, machinegun nests or placements of artillery, which later got destroyed by tanks, which were called by radio.

Usually tank recon units were nothing more than bait, which should take the first fire. The positions of the enemy were so discovered and the precious tanks could then relatively unthreatened proceed, since recon took the fire on themselves. Because of their modest armor protection, tank recon units were usually completely destroyed. There were around 12.600 Panzer Assault Badges in Bronze awarded.