Luftwaffe Flak Badge
Luftwaffe Flak BadgeLuftwaffe Flak Badge

Luftwaffe Flak Badge


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Very nice Luftwaffe Flak badge / Flakkampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe that was made by “ÜÜ E. Ferdinand Wiedmann”. The badge is in very good condition.

The Flak badge was instituted on 10. January 1941, and the awarding began in March 1941.

Anti Aircraft battle Badge can be awarded to officers and soldiers. It can also be awarded to firefighter units and all Anti Aircraft units, including radar support and search light units. The criteria for atribution was based on points. Points were earned as follows :

1 point : First detection of aircraft and following it to another search light with 60 or 150 cm search light.

2 points : To participate in destroying ( downing ) an aircaft with ground anti aircraft weapons ( Anti aircraft batteries, machine guns, rifle guns… ) or blinding an aircraft with search lights with downing resault.

4 points : Same as above but withouth the support of Anti Aircraft batteries.

The badge could also be awarded for single act of merit or in case of Anti Aircraft batterie commander whose half of his crew was already awarded the badge.

Award criteria changed during the war. It was awarded for 3 destroyed aircrafts or for five combat actions – even with no destroyed aircraft.