Swan Song Gunther Rall
Swan Song Gunther RallSwan Song Gunther RallSwan Song Gunther Rall

Gunther Rall Swan Song by Robert Taylor


By the time Günther Rall led the FW190’S of JG-300 on their last mission of World War II he had already established himself as perhaps the most remarkable of all fighter pilots.

Having joined the war in its early stages he flew to the end by which time he was credited with 275 air victories, the third highest in history – this achieved despite a long period of immobility in 1941/2 after crash landing his Me109 and breaking his back.

In this superb painting Robert Taylor has recreated the scene high over Germany on JG-300’s final morning of combat as Günther Rall leads his FW190s into battle with P-51 Mustangs of the USAAF for the last time. From high in the stratosphere we view Rall, his features clearly visible in the cockpit of his FW190, as he and his wingman five into attack.

Around and below them swirl the contrails of battle.