Atlantic Wolves U-Boat
Atlantic Wolves U-BoatAtlantic Wolves U-Boat

Atlantic Wolves U-Boat Print By Robert Taylor

I had alot of fun with this print. It is of Peter Cremer U-333. I found it in an old print shop in Vancouver, BC many years ago. One day I had 11 Kriegsmarine personnel over to my house and to make the print more personel to me I had the U-Boat men that I know sign it. Two of my U-Boat friends signed this one. Irwin Nuss who was on U-23 and Karl Hartmann who was on U-4709.

Peter Cremer joined the German Navy in 1932, joining the surface warships Koln, Deutschland and Theodor Riedel before joining the u-boats in 1940, commissioning U-152 in January the next year before taking command of U-333 some months later. He sank three enemy ships on his first patrol, and although absolved of blame later, he also sank the German ship Spreewald on this tour.

On his second tour, Cremer sank four ships before bringing U-333 back home damaged, a result of being rammed. U-333 was in battle with British corvette HMS Crocus on Cremers third patrol, with the British vessel suffering damage, while 7 crew of U-333 were killed by gunfire from the corvette, Cremer himself being seriously wounded in the incident. Once again U-333 returned to base with heavy damage.

After a brief spell on the staff of Donitz, Cremer embarked on another patrol with U-333, again returning with damage from a depth-charge attack. U-333 was lost on the next patrol, but Cremer had by then left the boat. Towards the end of the war, Cremer commanded U-2519. He was captured and spent a short time in captivity before his release. He was awarded the Knights Cross in June 1942, with a total of 6 ships sunk – almost 27,000 tons. Peter Cremer died 5th July 1992.