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Gefrieter Gerhard Lopatka 90th Light Division - Afrika Korps

Gerhard was a Panzer Grenadier with the famous 90th Light Division in the Afrika Korps. He was awarded the Panzer Assault badge in bronze as was normal for motorized troops. He was captured after the capitulation of the Afrika Korps in 1943.

The 90th Light Division was still frequently called the Africa Division, due to its having been formed in Africa from spare parts. Used as a mobile reserve, it took heavy losses in the battle and the retreat. Though the division did not receive the armored battalion it was supposed to have, it was liberally supplied with anti-tank guns. The soldiers of the 2nd New Zealand considered this division to be their special foes as they faced off against each other on several occasions.

The Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze (Panzerkampfabzeichen in Bronze) was instituted on 1 June 1940. It was awarded to members of infantry regiments, members of motorized and tank recon units, which have proven themselves in battle at least three times in three different days.